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Unity Never fails


Based out of Brooklyn New York, UNF (Unity Never Fails) has, consistently produced music that Restores Hip Hop to it's original form. All three lyricist bring an element of uncut organic True School Rap!

Group Members :

Dmarco Da Great

Chris Live

Brank Napp Negashi




News & Updates

February 6, 2017


In honor of the peak of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, Unity Never Fails releases The 88 Cressida Mixtape on Sound Cloud. Brank Napp Negashi, Dmarco Da Great and Chris Live represent thoroughly on Classic Beats released in 1988. You can find Classic remakes like "Early To Rise" by Nice and Smooth, "Beats To The Rhymes" by Run DMC and a Special Big Daddy Kane Medley arranged and scratched by the legendary DJ Alejan of The ALPS Cru. Follow THIS LINK to listen https://soundcloud.com/user-836902083/88-cressida-unf-mixtape



April 16, 2017

A Great week in hip hop

It's been a good minute since the last time three "5 Mic" quality Hip Hop Albums dropped during a presidential era let alone in the same week. Well, if you're alive today, YOU WITNESSED HISTORY!! Straight Out Of Compton, the Talented Kendrick Lamar dropped his 4th Album "DAMN". He's already an anointed "All Time Great" and he's out to prove it with this Classic Album. Next Up, I'm bringing it back home to BROOKLYN!! One of my favorite newer MC's. Joey Bada$$ dropped the politically inspired, soulful and lyrically sharp Classic Album "All AMERIKKKAN BADASS". He gets an extra point by infusing the "KKK" in America bringing back that F#ck You, Hear Me attitude Ice Cube branded in our minds back in 1990. This Pro Era founder is taking on the Trump Era straight up and taking no prisoners. Last but least, I'm honored to even be able to write about these two Grand MC's. The Conscious & Inspirational Taleb Kweli & The Forever Nice as Hell Gangster/Gentleman Styles P linked up to drop a Classic Collaboration Album/EP "THE SEVEN". I personally appreciate having two of my Top 20 MC's on a project like this. The Seven is just that, Seven DOPE A$$ Tough but Conscious tracks featuring artist like Common, The LOX, Little Vic, Chris Rivers and a few other High Powered MC's on the project. So, if you are tired of the mumble rappers and dumbed down hip hop acts, give any one or all of these a try. I promise you will get your fix. Naps Napp


Kendrick Lamar - DAMN
Badass Album
Badass Flk
The Gds





Don't blame me, blame the photo editing app I downloaded from Google Play. Once I started I couldn't stop. Once I started stashing flicks I found on the internet to post later, I knew I had a problem. I grew up a serious cartoon/Star Wars head and really enjoy ripping pictures from Instagram pages that catch my attention. I hope you all enjoy the assortment of memes I decided to share, there are ALOT more where these came from. Peace...Napp Napp




OCTOBER 21, 2017

Unity Never Fails, (Brank Napp Negashi, Dmarco Da Great & Chris Live) following the success of their 88 Cressida Mixtape have released their first studio album "The Dirty Work". The album is named after the grind, dedication and hard work the group put in to create a Hip Hop Masterpiece. Collaborating with producers J. Webb, DJ Crucial, Lil Vic Orena and Gav Beats, The Dirty Work delivers hard hitting reality along with that Real Hip Hop feel missing in todays rap music. Available on all Major Digital Music Platforms, The Dirty Work is a Must Have for Hip Hop fans in need of what it should be. REAL F#CKIN' HIP HOP!!! 


new alps cru vinyl available @ f5 records

October 26, 2017


In 2007 DJ Alejan received an e-mail from Bibow, a German blogger, asking if he had any extra copies of the Unknown EP, a record Alejan released in 1994 with his hip-hop group, Concept of Alps (now Alps Cru). Alejan was surprised to learn the release, which was limited to 100 vinyl copies, was still being discovered by new listeners. Alejan’s surprise quickly turned to shock when Bibow explained the record commanded up to $1500 per copy and was considered a holy grail among hip-hop vinyl collectors. 


Alejan, who is from St. Louis, started the group with his roomate P Da Wicked while they were students at Xavier University in New Orleans. P was from New Jersey and had been down with YZ’s ESD Posse before heading to college. They followed up the Unknown EP with the “Intesity” 12" single in 1995, which had spins on various underground hip-hop radio shows, including the legendary Stretch and Bobbito show. Before heading into the studio to record their next single, the group added Shorty Live, a Brooklyn native, whom they had met through a mutual friend. P and Shorty’s chemistry was immediately apparent and the result was the “Just Can’t Explain” 12” in 1996. After being passed over by Matty C for the Source’s Unsigned Hype column and coming close to being signed to Payday Records, the group parted ways.


In the intervening years Alejan returned to St. Louis and P. relocated to Georgia. Both fell out of contact with Shortly Live for more than a decade. They reconnected in 2009 after discovering the renewed interest in their music. Due to a high demand from worldwide fans, the group re-released some of their original recordings along with unreleased tracks from their vaults.  In 2014 the group returned to the studio to record new material for the first time since 1997 along with a guest appearance from Sadat X from Brand Nubian. International cult fan favorites Alps Cru are now back with the Time Machine EP, which features El Da Sensei of the Artifacts on the title track. The EP is available digitally and on vinyl through F5 Records.


88 Cressida Mixtape

by Unity Never Fails



Unity Never Fails : The Archives 200-2012

by Dmarco Da Great, Chris Live & Brank Napp Negashi

Dmarco Da Great, Chris Live & Brank Napp Negashi have made a host of music as solo artist over the last decade and a half. The Archives is the place hungry for classic Hip Hop heads can find it. 


Napptism 2 (2011)

After a 4 year layoff following The Original Mixtape "Napptism" (2007), Brank Napp Negashi dropped "Napptism 2" (2011). Inspired by Drusilla Dungee Houston and The Love Of High Science, Brank Napp's fire was rekindled.